I Teach: What’s Your Superpower?!

I always enjoy MJ Gormans’ posts. Today I was reading his post It’ True!: I Teach Because I Can’t Do Anything Else!. Here’s my comment (and my Day 3 #MTBoS30 ):

I didn’t become a teacher until after: AFTER I worked as an interior design consultant (my first degree) because while I enjoyed designing beautiful spaces for others, I enjoyed teaching them how to do it themselves; AFTER being a human resource professional, (my second degree) hiring good people to work in jobs I knew were a good fit, I realized I enjoyed teaching them how to get the most out of their job even more; AFTER working in operations for several companies over a 20-year span, I found that I preferred teaching others how to do the various jobs, or how to invest their money, or how to plan an event; AFTER owning a restaurant and cooking great food for wonderful customers, I realized I really loved teaching people to cook and be professional servers

so They could do it for themselves (and hopefully take it even farther than I did!)

Teaching was just way cooler! One of my beliefs is that very old one about giving a man a fish, which will feed him for a day, or teaching him to fish, so that he can supply food for the rest of his life! It may have taken me a while, and a few professions, but I have found what I really want (and can) do. I TEACH. (My third degree, by the way!)

The title is courtesy of the great sweatshirt my daughter gave me. Kudos to all who teach- you are all superheroes!!!!

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