Drat! I have to start over! #MTBoS30

I can’t believe I only made it three days in a row! I missed yesterday!

With this week being Teacher Appreciation Week, I’d like to take a moment to thank MY teachers:

My grandmother, who taught for many years in Milton, FL at Berryhill Elementary, and taught me to read before I turned four! My first grade teacher, Mrs. Baer, who had to put up with my incessant chatter! Mrs. Millard, second grade: you made me love school; to my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Sanders, who cast me as the Queen in our play, and this was a time when we still had Bible instruction! My fifth grade teacher: you put up with my reading in class, instead of my work ( every time I encounter such a student, I remember your firmness with me, and I pass on the favor!) To my 8th grade English teacher: I know how you must have cringed as I recited “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening” at rapid fire speed. I wasn’t the only one, and yet you are still teaching! I give special thanks to two of my high school teachers Ms. Vick and Mrs. Roby, history and English, respectively. To this day I love history and the hidden stories, and I have a healthy respect for the ability of mankind to descend into communism and chaos. I also have a better than average grasp of good grammar, and a love of writing courtesy of those magnificent stares from Mrs. Roby. She would NOT let me do less than my best! I made A’s in every English class in college – thank you Mrs. R! And I can’t forget Ms. Peer and Mrs. Thomas – yep algebra and geometry – I am now them, gasp! A math teacher!

My college years were not as filled with memorable teachers, or maybe I was more focused on the learning (okay, playing!) than the teachers. My last degree, at Lee University in Chattanooga, TN, changed that in a hurry. Every professor I studied with affected me profoundly: Dr. Kamm, Dr. Nerren, and Dr. Riggins just to name a few. Thank you for showing me how to grow into an awesome teacher! You set the standard that I hope to live up to.

Each of my school teachers contributed to me. But I want to also remember others who were my teachers: the young man who taught me to swim when I was five; my big brother who taught me how to ride my bike, and brought my bike back home after I crashed on the gravel and ran screaming to the house ( okay, I didn’t say he was a good teacher!); the woman who taught me to play the piano and the organ, patiently enduring my stopping and starting, and stopping….. And starting again; my art teacher, who taught me water color and oils, and oil pastels, which I still love! And I thank my mom and my dad: I learned a lot about how to love my own children, AND how to clean a bathroom (some of us are just lucky, I guess!)

Within my thank you’s is a message I’d like to leave with each of you that read these posts: we are all teachers of something. I pray your students will learn strength and goodness; perseverance, honesty and integrity; how to give selflessly, how to share, and how to give and receive love. A tall order, I know, but for each of us who have learned just that, there is a teacher in the wings, smiling the biggest smile we’ve never seen…

Thank you to all my teachers. I could not have done it without you!

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