I am an #mbtos -er…. 

I am an #mtbos -er because I finally found a place where I b

elong. I love math. All of it. The way everything connects, circles back, explains itself, remains an enigma, can be proved, can’t be proved…. And I love teaching math in a way that is fun, tantalizing, fascinating…. You get the idea, I hope.

‘performing CPR on dead bodies’

#mtbos -ers “get it” in a way that it is not generally taught. I see teachers – good teachers- slog thru notes, lectures, and explanations. They draw diagrams and exhort students to remember, to make connections, and with only a few exceptions, they are performing CPR on dead bodies. Learning math has to be more than that. There IS more to it than that. I love when I hit that sweet spot in a lesson, when kids are so involved in a discussion or an activity that they forget they are supposed to be “bad at math.” The confidence I see in them as they begin to KNOW… that has come from the confidence I’ve been given to teach true to my heart, and that comes thru the support of all those wonderful other #mtbos -ers who are willing to share good and bad as we have all sought to find great ways to teach a subject of great beauty and bad reputation!

Interested in great PLN? It’s never too late to leap in: #mtbos challenges 

There are no requirements, no dues, no committees, no anything… Except a deep desire to become ever better at what we do. Welcome to the #mtbos!

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