My students take their EOCT test tomorrow

I feel like a parent sending their child out into a storm. I’ve made sure their coat is buttoned, they have dry boots on their feet, and a good umbrella. They are prepared…. Or are they?

The state says this is an important assessment. I tell my students to answer the best they can, and leave no question unanswered. I think, I could have done more; why didn’t I go over this or that; we should have done more with probability; will they remember what capital B is in the area formula?! Oh well, it is their turn now. I want them to taste success, to let their grade reflect what they truly know, and, at the same time, afraid that their grade will reflect what they truly know!

EOCT : end of course test or end of career terrors…. Either way, we will know soon! No matter what, I’ve seen my kids grow. I am proud of what I’ve seen them learn. They will be okay, No Matter What! That test is just a snapshot of tomorrow, and after that it will be a blip in history. In the meantime, I hope they remember to use their umbrellas!!